Foodies Classic
Hale all foodies! The Foodie's Classic will delight the greatest of food connoisseur. This hamper not only provides the makings of a delectable meal but also adds a delightful pre-meal and post-meal experience, ensuring a complete and satisfying gastronomic adventure.
Foodies Classic

Foodies Classic

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Foodies Classic Details

Passion  pasta egg fettucine 250g
Passion Pasta Egg Fettucine 250g
Passion Pasta tomato and Pesto 465ml

Passion Pasta Tomato And Pesto 465ml

Maggie Beer quince paste 100g
Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
The Regimental condiment company balsamic glaze 100ml
The Regimental Condiment Company Balsamic Glaze 100ml
Kangaroo Island mediterranean olives 185g
Kangaroo Island Mediterranean Olives 185g
The Regimental condiment company hurricane mustard 110g
The Regimental Condiment Company Hurricane Mustard 110g
Valley Produce Co truffle honey crisps 150g
Valley Produce Co Truffle Honey Crisps 150g
Kangaroo island honey popcorn 80g
Kangaroo Island Honey Popcorn 80g
Tasman sea salt smoked 80g
Tasman Sea Salt Smoked 80g
Bunny Chow down caremelised beetroot & onion relish 300ml
Bunny Chow Down Carmelised Beetroot & Onion Relish 300ml