About Tugun Market Co.

Here at Tugun Market Co. being friendly and helpful is in our DNA—so come on in and feel like part of our family! We strive to make sure that each customer has an enjoyable shopping experience -with beautifully presented produce and products.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional produce, and variety—from quality meat cuts, cheeses from around the world to organic whole foods—we have something for everyone here at Tugun Market Co. Stop by today and discover why we’re the Southern Gold Coast’s foodie haven.

Quality Produce

Tugun Market Co. is famous for its exceptional range of organic and locally sourced and grown fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, quality meats, and extensive cheese range.

The Butchery, Tugun Meat Co. has an impressive range of free range and organic quality meat and specialty cuts such as Cape Grim and the popular Piranha Brazilian BBQ meat. For a next-level eating experience try our dry-aged meats, they are truly delectable and flavoursome.  Our expertly trained butchers are always on hand to answer any questions about our products or provide tips for cooking delicious dishes with them. So, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply want to make sure your family eats well—stop by our butchery today for some old-fashioned charm.

The Fromagerie stocks over 70 cheese varieties sourced from all over the globe including France, England, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, America, and local Australian producers. If you’re in the mood for some creamy Brie or tangy Parmigiano Reggiano, there’s sure to be something to satisfy your taste buds! Plus, if you need help selecting the right cheese for your platter or dish, just ask our friendly staff and they’ll be more than happy to help you discover your next favourite flavour.


Gourmet Foods and
Whole Foods

We believe good food shouldn’t be hard to come by - which is why we stock a huge selection of gourmet goodies such as artisanal crackers, flavoursome dips and spreads, unique condiments, and seasonings, and self-serve whole foods. If you like to know what goes into your products, we invite you to make your own peanut butter and orange juice within the whole foods section of the store.

Our shelves are stocked with everything from pasta sauces to nuts to dried fruits – all sourced from some of the best local and national suppliers so that you get only the freshest ingredients when cooking up your next meal.

We also stock a great range of organic and gluten-free products —the perfect way to “eat clean” without sacrificing flavour!

Ready-Made Meals

Life is busy! That is why we have a selection of ready-made meals available to you. These are made fresh every day and are a sure win with the family. We also have available pre-chopped stir-fry and salad mixes which are made on-site.
Coffee, Flowers & Gifts

Coffee, Flowers and Gifts

At Tugun Market Co. expertly made coffee, it's so important to us and we know it is to you too. That's why our baristas serve the best, Campos. If you’re short on time, pick up a barista made coffee and a delicious treat once you’re finished your shopping.

Tugun Market Co. will have your gift-giving sorted with our range of beautiful gifts and freshly made floral arrangements using flowers from local growers.

Keep in Touch

🌼 Our Pick of the Day! 😍 ⁠
We’re head over heels for the stunning Daffodil! Pop in-store to grab your bundle of joy or explore our other stunning flower bouquets. 💐 ⁠
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🌸 Fresh Blooms In-Store! 🌼
What flavours would you like to see in our soup pot? Potato and leek has been a crowd-pleaser! Let us know your favourites or any new combinations you'd love to try. 🍲 🥣⁠
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🌶️ Did you know chilli peppers are better for you than oranges!?🍊⁠
Everyone raves about how oranges boost vitamin C and help fight colds, but maybe we should be tossing jalapeños into our juices instead. Chilli peppers actually have almost double the vitamin C content compared to oranges—around 107mg vs 69mg. Who knew!? 🤷🏽⁠
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Our café opens at 6am daily! ☀️⁠
Come for your Campos coffee and explore our full range of lunchtime options, treats, and winter warmers. 🍰🍲 ⁠
See you in store! 🙌🏽⁠
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